Winter is Coming

  Yes, I am a fan of George R. R. Martin, but that ISN’T what this post is about.

  The tree outside my bedroom window started changing colors in mid-August.  I think that was a little dramatic of it, as we still had many weeks of scorching temperatures yet to come, but the warning was there, none the less.  It’s gonna get cold.
  We have a rule at our house that for G to go outside, he has to be wearing either a hat or a pair of sunglasses.  He’s got pale, pale skin and bad eyesight coming from me.  That big shiny in the sky is NOT our friend.
  All summer he’s been wearing the same, navy blue bucket hat.  It’s been to the beach, it’s been to the playground and it’s been to the zoo.  It looks like it’s been through a small war between rival packs of rabid monkeys.  There are spots where it’s been bleached out by the sun.  It’s only a little cotton hat, so it’s not very warm, but I’m sure it stinks by now.
  It’s time for a new hat.
“This hat is especially good for eating pickles in!”
  I just finished this last night and I am so happy with how it turned out.  I used a wool for the outside and a cornflower blue cotton for the lining.  It’s a touch big (ok…I can wear it) but as fast as the little man has been growing lately, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t needing to make another one by December.
  I bought this pattern a while ago and have just been copying the small pieces onto tracing paper so I still have the bigger sizes as G grows.  This is the size L hat.  My critter has a great big ol’ bobble head.
  I DID do a little modifying of the pattern, simply because I can’t help myself…I have to mess with everything.  I didn’t put interfacing into the hat top, and I cut one of the hat band pieces out of lining fabric, instead of the exterior fabric.  I figured wool right against his forehead might doom the hat to always being thrown on the floor.  I didn’t use fusible interfacing, but not because it wouldn’t have been easier (it would have), but I just didn’t have any…and I was too lazy/cheap to go to the store when I had non-fusible right here.
  I have a couple other projects in the works from this pattern that hopefully I can share soon.  What do you think?

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