Cuddly Like the Wolf

  It’s October in Michigan and that means that even though this weekend it’s going to be 80 and we’ll have all our windows open and the fans going, next weekend it will most likely be 40 and raining.

“40?!?  My feet are gonna freeze off!”
  I love the wood floors in our house, but I have to admit, they’re not bare foot friendly once the cold weather hits.  Last year wasn’t a problem for G because he was either not walking yet, or walking on the carpet and pad we had out for him to practice on without cracking his face open. 
 This year…well…this year he’s just a touch more mobile.
Time for somebody to get slippers
   I’d found this pair from Made by Rae on Pinterest.  Aren’t they adorable?
  So I checked my fabric stash and found some fleece.  Dark grey.  Hmm…not very dragon-y.  Ok…well, spikes will make it more like a dragon….no ric-rac.  Uh oh.
  I could have gone to the store.  I really could have.  But instead I did this:
Because, really, who doesn’t want wolf slippers?
  Not sure if I’m going to put eyes on them or not.  I’m not so sure that G wouldn’t just pull at buttons til they ripped off.  I’m sort of thinking about felt eyes (like the noses) but the Mr. says they definitely need giant googley eyes.  Either way, I’ve got some time.  You see, I seem to have a theme this fall of “I don’t want the baby to grow out of this too fast, so I’m going to make it HUGE”.
  I thought I was following the recommendation the tutorial gave for a growing kid exactly.  I wasn’t.  The tutorial has you trace your baby’s foot, add an extra 3/8″ to 1/2″ and then draw a line 1/4″ INSIDE that line.  I added it to the outside.  Oh yeah.  I made them 3/4″ bigger all the way around G’s foot.
  They’ll be awesome next year.
  Anyhow…to make the ears for the wolf, I used the basic idea for the tongue, but instead of a rectangle 1.25″x1.5″, I cut a square 1.5″x1.5″.  I stitched the two layers together in a triangle (like the tongue) and turned them inside out.  I turned just the smallest amount of the edge under and hand stitched them to the slipper.  I found for a more realistic look it worked best to keep the front and back of the ear puffed apart a little at the sides and then stitch the centers together.  The nose is just a small piece of black felt.
  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment.  Lord knows after having screwed it up, I’ve got a much better idea of how to do it correctly now!

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