How I store my patterns

  I mentioned in my post about G’s hat that I like to copy smaller sizes of patterns onto tracing paper to preserve the bigger sizes.  Some of you who sew out there may be wondering how on earth I store everything.  God knows it’s hard enough fitting all the pattern pieces back into the envelope when all you’re putting back is what originally came out of it.  Add in another 2 or 3 copies of each piece and you may as well give up and resign yourself to tumbleweeds of tissue paper rambling around your house.

  I wasn’t quite ready for the JoAnn Fabric’s Wild Wild West show, so I devised a system for keeping all my patterns, with the extra pieces, without losing any of the information on the original envelope.
  First, I got myself a box of these 10 x 13″ envelopes.  Pretty much any store with basic office supplies has them and they’re fairly cheap.  Next, I slit the original envelope the pattern came in up the sides, from the bottom to the top, leaving the bottom edge connected.
  Wrap the pattern envelope around the 10 x13″ envelope and tape, so you have something that looks like this:
This looks nicer if you do it BEFORE trying to jam extra pieces into the envelope
  You’re ready to go!  All your pattern envelopes will be the same size with plenty of room for altered or copied pieces and you still have the nice pictures, yardage requirements and sizing information.
  Keep an eye out.  I have another project from this pattern that I plan on sharing Friday!

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