Organizing with Dorky Binders

  So I’ve already shown off what an organizing dork I am with my menu and my emailed reminders.  Now it’s time to show off my real secret weapon.

Oh yeah…glorified Trapper Keeper…woooo!
  This binder is the only thing keeping me sane lately.
  I’ve done the Franklin Covey planner.  It was awesome in college.  But it turns out, most of the stuff I need to keep track of now is way too big for that cute, reasonably sized planner.  Besides, who wants to drop the money they’re looking for on the refills every year?
  My long range and repeating events all get taken care of through my google calendar.  All I really need is a place for my events that are happening that week, a to do list, and a place to keep track of my frequently referenced documents.  This does that perfectly.
  For my to-do list, I used my hole punch in a stack of scrap paper I had.  Every night before bed I write down what I need to get done the next day.  Makes falling asleep much easier.
  My weekly calendar and my blogging calendar were both printed out from this site.
  They’re both in a plastic sleeve and I use a wet erase marker to scribble all over them.
  My tabs are “g.c.b.”, community, school, home & yard.
  The g.c.b. tab of course is all my information on the baby clothing business.  Paperwork I need to reference for transactions, ideas for things I’m working on, stuff like that.
  The community tab is where I keep information on everything that’s going on around town.
  My gym class schedule is in there, events at the library go in there & my paperwork for my city council campaign is in there.
  The school tab has test results, future class plan layouts and adviser contact information.
  The home tab has recipes and instructions I reference semi-frequently (not frequently enough I can remember without them being written down!) and the yard tab has sketches for landscaping plans and structures we want to build.
  I’m thinking about adding another tab for ideas for trips with G (or with the older kiddos in the moms group I just formed), but I haven’t gotten around to it just yet.
  Want one?  Mine is just a plain white cheapo binder I’ve put art paper into (hit the scrapbooking section in any craft store for the paper).  Folders and dividers are cheap at any office supply shop, as are plastic sleeves.  Buy yourself a 3 hole punch and you’re ready to get organized!

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