A failed experiment in kool aid dyeing

  Hi Everybody.  I’m Erin, and I have a problem.  (Hi Erin!)  That problem is called “Pinterest“…and if you’ve discovered it, you know what I mean.

  I’ve tried very, very hard to not let my boards turn into the stereotypical collection of crafts I’m never going to do.  Problem is, that means I’ve got to find the time in the day to do the 3,000 things that I think I can get done!
  A little over a week ago I found this:
Gaaaah…must have preeeeetty
  It was connected to this tutorial for kool aid dyeing, something I’ve been meaning to try out for a while.  I was headed to the grocery store anyhow, so I decided to add yarn and kool aid to my list.
  Now…the first mistake I made in this process was to read “wool yarn (or a blend with other animal fibers like alpaca, angora, cashmere – a small percentage, like 15% or less, of something man made, like nylon or rayon, would be ok) in hank form” and get overly smart.  “Oh, any natural fiber should be fine” I thought to myself…and grabbed cotton.  …if you go back later and read the comments (because you’re confused as to why it didn’t work) you will find that she specifically says it doesn’t work on plant fibers.  …that’s okay.  I’m going to show you what happened anyhow.
  This is what I started with:
I used grape, berry blue, lemon lime and lemonade
  First, I wound my balls of yarn into a hank.  I used the back of a chair and then just slid it off when I had finished.  I decided that two of the balls of yarn were going to be plenty for the first experiment.  I tied strands of a polyester yarn around the hank in 4 places to avoid the nightmare tangling I got when I did my tarn dyeing project.
  Next, I dunked the yarn in the water (make sure you don’t have it heated up for this, you’re going to have to push your hand into the water to get the air bubbles out of the yarn so it’ll sink) and let it simmer for a while.  I’m not sure exactly how long I let it sit…certainly longer than 15 minutes…I ran outside to get the last few bulbs planted in my garden…so probably more like 45 minutes.  I also added 1/3 c. vinegar to help the color set.
  Once the yarn was good and soaked, I started adding kool aid.
  I added the green and blue first and let it soak for an hour.  The water never got entirely clear (probably because I was using the wrong type of yarn) but I lost patience and turned it over.  I added the purple and yellow and let that soak for an hour too.
  After two hours soaking in the crock pot, it looked like this:
Not exactly the vivid colors I was looking for
  I threw it in the sink, wondering what had gone wrong and rinsed it out.
  After it was rinsed, I hung it up to dry in my shower.  It looked like this:
  I was disappointed.  The very subtle, greyed out blues and purples were very pretty, but it wasn’t at all what I had been trying for, and I was afraid that as it dried, it would lighten even more.
  You can imagine my surprise when I checked on it two days later and it looked like this:
  By the time it was completely dry, the blues had come back in full force.
  Only problem now is that there’s still a lot of not very colorful yarn in there.  And though it’s hard to see in the picture, the parts that aren’t blue have a funky pink tint.
  Not to worry.  I got more kool aid and will be putting it back in the pot soon!  I’ll let you guys know how it goes…and when I actually do it correctly (using wool yarn and all), I promise, I’ll show you that too!

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