How to make your own headband

  I can’t wear store bought headbands.  I don’t know if I have an abnormally sized/shaped head or what, but they just don’t work.  The traditional, plastic ones push on some kind of pressure point behind my ears and give me a pounding headache and the elastic band ones just shoot right off my head.  It’s a less than ideal situation.

  Like, I’m pretty sure every other woman in America, my hair has layering in it.  Face framing layers are a great thing…except when you don’t want hair in your face.  Then you pretty much have to have a headband.
  So, this summer, desperate to get my growing-out hair out of my face and off my neck, I started making my own headbands.
If you want to make one too, here’s what you need:
Length of ribbon, chain or other material for band, elastic, needle and thread
  Wrap the ribbon you’re going to use for the main part of your band around your head, making sure the ends will reach to behind your ears.  Keep in mind that less elastic is prettier if you want to wear your hair up, but so long as it tucks behind your ears, it will be a cute headband for most uses.  For my band I used a ribbon that was about 17.5″ long.
  Sew your ribbon onto your elastic BEFORE cutting any elastic off the roll.  Because I was using wide ribbon, I wrapped it around the elastic for a prettier finish.
  Wrap the ribbon around your head again and pull the elastic across the gap in the back to secure a comfortable fit.  Hold on with your fingers just beyond the un-sewn side of the ribbon (to give yourself some space to sew them together) and pull the whole thing off your head.  Snip the elastic where your fingers are and sew the elastic and ribbon together.
  That’s it!  You’re done!  Enjoy your new headband while you look for other stuff you can use to make more.  I’ve used ribbon, wired ribbon, jewelry chain and twine so far!
  They stay on, don’t give me a headache, and it’s a great way to use up tiny bits of leftover gift ribbon.

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