The internets are for patterns

  I can make my own patterns.  I went to school for apparel design, so I’ve got the knowledge and the skill set.  (Some day soon I’ll do a post on how to get the pattern for a favorite shirt)  The thing is, making your own pattern from the ground up takes forever.  I’m willing to do it for the kids’ line, and I’m willing to do it to create an idea I really, really love.  But sometimes I just feel like sewing without thinking too much.  I need a pattern for that.

  Thankfully, there are all kinds of free or inexpensive patterns online.  Burda Style is an especially good place to start.  For instance, I found the pattern for this dress there:
Notice the chain head band?
  I LOVE this dress.  It’s one of the very few that I can wear in the winter, stay warm and still feel cute in.  Unfortunately, one of the frustrating things about online patterns is that they can be here today and gone tomorrow.  The creator of this pattern for instance has decided she wanted to be paid for the pattern, but apparently wasn’t interested in setting it up through etsy (or if she did, I haven’t found it) and so she took it down.
  I have my copy.  I printed it out before making this version, so if I wanted to make another one, I could.  But if I’d have waited, it’d be too late now.
  If you find a pattern online that you love, print it out.  Now, so you don’t miss your chance!
  Here are a few of my favorites:
Found at
     Obi apron
Found at
Do you know of any great online resources for patterns?  Let me know!

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