Keeping dish washing gloves handy

  I really hate doing dishes.  I’m not sure what it is about it, but sticking my hands in the sudsy water with bits of food floating in it really grosses me out.  Of course, dishes have to get done, whether I like it or not, so, I have to put up with it.  Using great big rubber gloves at least helps.

  …but then, if I can’t find my dish gloves because they’re buried under piles of dish soap and sponges, or they’re still soggy from the last time I used them, we’re back to square one.
  This trick helps.
  Take a clothes pin (or a fold back office clip would work) and attach it to your cupboard door.  There are several ways of doing this.  Glue or a screw or nail would be a way to do it permanently.  I’ve used a 3M Command strip…we have a bad habit of breaking the laundry clips.
  Clip your gloves in and close the door!  The gloves stay where you can find them, and even better, they dry out in between washes because they’re not crumpled in a heap.  I’ve used this trick to keep a pair on the door of my bathroom cupboard so I always have gloves handy when I want to clean the toilet too.
  Guess I’m going to have to find another excuse for not cleaning!
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