How to get a reluctant toddler in the bath

  Lately G has reached the stage where everything we’re hoping for him to do is greeted with a resounding “NO!”.  He doesn’t want the food we’ve prepared, the drink we’re giving him is clearly in the wrong drinking vessel, he isn’t sleepy and he most certainly does NOT want to take a bath.

  That’s all well and good.  It’s a normal development phase…but too long without a bath and our little boy starts to stink to high heaven.  We’ve had to get a little creative in finding ways to coax him into the water.
  Usually we can convince him to take a bath by asking him if he wants to splash Daddy…or play with bubbles.  We’ve started keeping an entire container of bubble solution in the bathroom specifically for this reason.
  The other night, none of that was working, so we did this:
  The Mr. had picked up a 50 pack of glow sticks for G to play with after finding them on sale after the 4th of July.  G loved it.  He didn’t want to get out of the bath!
  …only problem is…now I’m out of great ideas for the next time he doesn’t want to get in the bath!
How do you make bath time fun?

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