Holiday Hairpin

  Christmas is coming, and with all the music in the air and the lights twinkling, I can’t help but wanting to add a little holiday glam to my wardrobe.

Yeah, okay, that’ll work.
  Want one?  Here’s what you’ll need:
Wire working tools, beads, a bobby pin, jewelry wire, needle and thread
  First you’ll want to unwind the approximate amount of wire you’ll want to work with.  I find the easiest way to know how much you’ll need is to do a soft version of the shape you want to end up with before cutting.
  To create sharp corners, use your wire tools to crimp your bends shut and then pull them slightly open with your fingers.
  Once your wire is crimped into the shape you want, wrap your “stem” around your bobby pin.  I find the way that works best for me is to create a small loop around the needle nose pliers and then slide it on to the pin before crimping it down.  It takes a little finagling to get the wire to attach securely to the bobby pin, but take the time to do it.
Make sure it’s seriously on there, we’re going to be bending it the other way at the end
  Once your shape is hooked on to the pin, thread a needle with thread similar in color to the beads you want to use.  Tie it on to your wire and start sewing on beads.  Keep in mind that odd numbered groupings are typically more visually appealing than even numbers.
  When your beads are sewn on, tie off your thread.  Now bend the shape back against the bobby pin.  When you put it in your hair you can round it some to fit to your head more closely.  (For less directional objects, like flowers, this step isn’t always necessary, but it’d look goofy to have a leaf pointed forward off of my head!)  When you’re done, your pin will look like this:
  Use an unadorned bobby pin to pin back a section of hair and then cross your newly decorated pin across it.
Now, who wants to go caroling?

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