Making it just a little easier to get to the gym

  I don’t understand why it’s so hard to convince myself to go to the gym.  It’s good for me.  I feel great after I do it, and frankly, once I get started moving, I usually enjoy myself.  But especially now that it’s getting colder out, convincing myself to take off my big snuggly sweater and fluffy slippers, change into work out clothing and go hit the elliptical or, (shiver) get in a pool is just HARD.

  Having all my stuff in one place so I can just grab it and go helps.  I had mentioned here that I use my ying yang tote bag for my gym bag.  Now I’m going to show you what I keep in it.
Gym Bag Contents:
  Water bottle: If I don’t leave one in there, I always manage to forget.
   Drinking out of the tiny paper cups they have at the gym water fountain is no fun.
  Flip flops: You won’t catch me in these outside of the locker room (my feet hate them),
   but for a cheap set of footwear you can soak and then throw in a bag, you can’t beat them.
  Swim suit:  Even if I don’t get in the pool, the suit gets used in the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi.
  Waterproof bag:  Originally meant for soggy baby yuck, this makes transporting my swimsuit
   home much, much easier.
  Astringent and a small bottle of facial lotion:  My face doesn’t need the excuse of products it 
  isn’t used to or not being properly washed after a work out to break out, I’m not helping it spite 
  Small bottle of conditioner: I slather it on before I get in the pool to protect my hair or before
   getting in the sauna to deep treat it.  I refill it from my home bottle when it’s empty.
  Razor and tampon: If I can’t use embarrassment over forgetting to shave my legs before leaving
  home as an excuse to not work out, I’m more likely to actually exercise.
…now if I could only find a way to make sure G wants to put on his socks and shoes and get in the car when I’m ready to go to the gym…

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