Transforming a too short shirt into a dress

  I’ve said it before, but I have a really long torso.  When I make store bought patterns, I typically have to add nearly 4 inches to the waist.  It makes shopping for tops…special.  That being said…there really was no excuse for my buying this shirt.

Like how I made it more attractive by not brushing my hair and making the prettiest face ever?
  Clearly I had it in my head that what was going to be hot on all the runways this winter was going to be “half a foot of pasty belly”
  I’d thrown it in my “to donate” pile…but I really love the details at the collar and cuffs and was having a hard time giving it up…even though, as you can see, it looked ridiculous on me.
  Luckily, I stumbled across this post.  I’d made one of these dresses this summer.  It’s incredibly comfortable and was easy to make, so I figured, why not try making one with long sleeves?
  I made a few modifications to how I put the dress together, because I’m fussy.
  I only had a yard and a half of the fabric I wanted to use.  If you’ve been reading for a while, you already know that I considered going to the store to buy the “appropriate” amount of fabric, but decided against it.  That means my skirt is less “fluffy” than hers, but that’s ok.  Here’s how I cut my fabric:
  I determined what the smallest belt would work, doubled the width and cut it off.  The rest would be the skirt.
  In Talk2TheTree’s tutorial, she suggests leaving the fabric folded when sewing the edges of the fabric together.  That way leaves a seam exposed on the inside of the garment, which is fine…but with this kind of skirt it’s incredibly easy to not leave any seam at all.  Unfold the fabric, seam the two edges together and then refold it in half.  Tada!  Your seam is completely enclosed inside the skirt.
  She leaves the belts on her dresses separate.  …I would so lose them that way.  Besides, with the belt attached, I don’t have to worry about the whole thing skootching up and leaving a weird gap.  I fold my strip of fabric in half and sew the edges shut along the line, leaving a small open space in the middle of the belt to turn everything.  I press it flat and then sandwich the whole thing between the shirt and the skirt.  I attach the entire front edge of the shirt to the belt and then leave the ties free from the side seams back.  The best way to keep them out of the way while sewing is to safety pin the ends up by the armpits of your shirt.
The end result
  Much better, right?  I’m still trying to decide how I feel about the length.  What do you guys think?  Leave it how it is, or make it shorter?

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