Keeping jewelry untangled and safe from little fingers

  I have way too much jewelry.  In my quest to simplify and streamline my life, my jewelry is an even bigger hurdle than my closet.  I just can’t give any of it up!  And to make matters worse, I keep wanting more!  I can’t help it, I’m clearly part crow.  Gimme gimme sparkles.

  While I can’t say I’m organized in my jewelry keeping when it comes to amounts, I’ve at least found a fabulous way to store my piles and piles of glittery baubles.
  Bead organization boxes are a godsend.  The compartments are just the perfect size for nearly any necklace and they keep earring pairs from separating.  My chains are never tangled in each other and it’s easy to see exactly what I have.
  These boxes are incredibly cheap and you can find them in just about any craft department near the jewelry supplies.  If you want even smaller boxes, check out the fishing department for boxes for holding fly fishing hooks.
  My boxes get stacked in a drawer in a short dresser in my bedroom and G doesn’t yet have the dexterity to turn them properly to get them out.  Even if I accidentally leave a box out, he hasn’t quite figured out how the lids open and close.  My poor necklaces that have been left on dressers have been broken to pieces by his curious little fingers, but the ones that have been stored away have stayed safe as can be.
What do you think of this method for storing jewelry?  Will you be trying it?

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