I’m too scatterbrained to be creepy by myself

  My train of thought this week has been like a dropped box of marbles.  Yup.  My thought process definitely makes exactly as much sense as comparing trains to little glass orbs.  Especially ones that are skittering all over the floor and getting stuck under your couch where they’ll probably get sucked up by the vacuum.  Speaking of, I think I lost a magazine behind the couch the other day…I should pull it out and look for it…

  What was I talking about again?
  Thank god I have tools to help me remember the important things during weeks like this.  Things like craft projects I’ve been wanting to do, and other, less important things, like, you know, my name.
  Pinterest is awesome for remembering crafts and recipes.  Earlier in the week I’d found this picture:
  Supposedly it was oil pastels used to create temporary color on dark hair.  I love the idea (I mean, look how gorgeous!) but I learned a while ago that with experiments like this not to expect it to turn out well the first time.  I waited until just before I was ready to wash my hair to try it out.
  …good thing too!  
  Point being, if I hadn’t pinned it, I would have been left searching the internet to find the idea I’d tripped across and wasn’t entirely sure how to do.  I probably wouldn’t have ever gotten around to trying it and would have been left pining away, with the idea that I could have beautiful, color streaked hair, if only, if only! I could find that link again.
   Instead, I’ve tried it and realize that when I do it I just look like I’ve been shot in the head with a paintball gun.
  Which brings me to the other thing about Pinterest.  It’s an AWESOME place for pinning good ideas, but lordie are there some bad and creepy ones floating around on there too.
  This one has been really hot lately.  I get it, Peter Pan is a classic movie and people think it’s cute to reference it.  I look at this picture though and what I see is the disembodied shadow of a young man lurking in a little girl’s bedroom.  CREEPY.  And that creepiness aside, what little kid isn’t freaked out by the random shadows that happen in their bedroom as it is?  Do you really want to add another one that’s going to be staring down at them from the ceiling?
  This was all over the place around Halloween.  …I don’t personally understand the naked baby butt obsession.  I get it that babies are cute, and they’re really happy when they’re naked, and happy babies are even cuter than just plain ol normal babies…but how that translates into it being a good idea to take poster paint to their tushes completely evades me.  And decorating said tushes to look like produce is a leap that just leaves me wondering if people want to sell their babies by the bushel.
  Maybe it just weirds me out because as a mom, I know that doing something like this is just asking for a diaper emergency.
  Another naked baby picture.  If you want your babies naked, just let them be naked people!  …something about this little boy in adult sized cowboy boots and hat is just wrong.  I don’t know if it’s that the adult sized clothing implies that some day he’s going to be a grown man running around in just boots and a hat, or that those boots look like they’re uncomfortably high up his legs, but it doesn’t sit right with me.
  This is the most recent pin I’ve found that really creeps me out.  Maternity pictures can be difficult to come up with cute ideas for, and the idea that the baby is a gift isn’t a terrible one. The phrase “do not open” though???  It brings to mind a woman being chased by somebody with a can opener yelling “no!  You can’t open me yet, not til June 10th!!”
  So I’ve decided I’ve had enough.  It’s time Pinterest got it’s own version of Regretsy.  I’ve started a board called “Trending and it CREEPS me out!” and I want YOUR help.  Leave the name you post on Pinterest with in the comments, or email it to me (my email is in the “About Erin” section on the right) and I’ll add you as a contributor to the board.  
  Lets see those creepy pins!

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