Making (and folding) fabric napkins

  Meal time with a toddler can get really messy, really fast.  It’s certainly not G’s parents who were going through all the paper towels.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  I got really frustrated with the number of paper towels that were getting used in our house.  It was expensive, it was wasteful, and frankly, it was ugly.  So I made these:
Cloth napkins…ooh, fancy!
  We’ve been using the cloth napkins for quite a while now and I couldn’t be happier with the change.  Granted, it means a little more laundry, but most nights at least one or two of the napkins are in good enough shape to be reused at another meal.  That’s not something that happened with paper towels.  
  This is what my napkin looks like unfolded.  The size I’ve found I like the best is 20″x 13″.
  For fabrics, I simply kept an eye out for cotton remnants at the fabric store.  Pick fabrics you like and that work with your decor, but keep in mind that darker, more patterned fabrics will hide stains better than lighter or solid colors.  We are NOT gentle with ours.  I’m pretty sure this napkin has been used to wipe up spilled spaghetti sauce at least two or three times.
  Once you’ve cut your rectangle of fabric, you need to finish the edges.  That way your napkins won’t fray when you throw them in the washer.  The quick and dirty way (my way) is to use a rolled hem on a serger.  If you don’t have a serger, or you prefer a more clean edge, you can turn the fabric edge under twice and stitch.
  Once your edges are finished, all that’s left is to fold it.  I start by folding the long edge of the napkin in half.
  Then the napkin gets folded into thirds.  After that, it’s ready to use.
  …be ready for any guests you may have over for dinner to be really impressed when you break these out.  Little do they know that you’re actually saving yourself money by using them!  Feel free to tell them it’s something special you got out for guests.  I won’t tell!

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