Grow baby grow=sew Mama sew

  G has been growing like crazy lately.  Pajamas that a month ago were comically oversized are now a perfect fit.  His shirts are too short so it looks like I’m intentionally trying to show off his cute little belly, his shoes are getting tight and his pants…oh dear…his pants look like he’s preparing for a flood of epic proportions.

  With Christmas coming in not much over a week, I didn’t want to go out and buy him anything new.  I’m sure he’ll be getting new clothing from somebody, and I don’t want to stock up until I know what he has.  But the pants…well, he just needed a couple of pairs to get him through.
  I stitched up these grey-green corduroy pants for him and left myself 3 inches of hem.  The majority of the pants he’s grown out of right now were made late this summer or early fall and I’m kicking myself for not being able to just un-hem them to make them longer.  These were from a pair of cords a friend was getting rid of and had given to me.
  The Mr. had a pair of plaid pj pants that he’d worn to pieces.  I gave them a second life by using the fabric to make a pair of pjs for G.  He has been really obsessed with pockets lately, so I put a pair in.  As you can see, he’s elated!  They’re long, so we have to be careful to roll them up so he doesn’t trip when he’s running around, but I don’t expect that will be the case for much longer.
What have you been sewing lately?

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