Have you been reading the writings of a sociopath?

  Sorry guys…my bad.  I just took this writing test and the results say I’m hyper-wordy with little social connection.  But apparently I’m a slacker wordy-psycho, with not much need for achievement or power, so you’re probably okay.

LIWC dimension                 Your data     Male average     Female average
Need for Achievement              3.07             5.8                     5.6
Need for Affiliation                   1.18             1.1                     1.3
Need for power                        0.71            1.7                      1.8
Self-references (I, me, my)       0.71             0.5                      0.8
Social words                            8.73            11.4                    12.0
Positive emotions                    1.42            1.8                       2.1
Negative emotions                   1.89            1.5                      1.6
Big words (> 6 letters)             21.93           18.7                   17.7

  I’ve been reading The Secret Life of Pronouns and really enjoying it.  It’s certainly not “bodice-ripper, keep you turning pages because it’s brain popcorn” reading, but it’s really fascinating.  Plus, the webpage that’s affiliated with it has exercises so you can see where you fit into everything the author is talking about.  It’s like Cosmo quizzes for dorks.  …and oh god I’m such a dork.

  The author says that more big words tend to be an indication of somebody who is less emotional and typically somewhat distant and detached.  Ok, fine, I’m not a hugger, but I personally take issue with the fact that any word with more than 6 letters is considered a “big” word.  That means all of the following are “big words”:


  Come on guys…that just sounds like a description of a Super Bowl party.  I personally think “big word” qualification should have some sort of indication of snootiness.  Ameliorate should make the cut.  Muscles should not.

  Anyhow, I’d love to hear what the quiz says about you guys.  Are my readers all a bunch of vocab-crazy, (apparently)anti-social hermits like me, or are you just reading for the “can’t look away from the wordy train-wreck” aspect of it all?

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