Handmade gift tags

  The time left for wrapping gifts is ticking away.  Less than a week left til Christmas and I still haven’t finished my shopping, let alone my wrapping!  

  Luckily, the internet has been giving me all kinds of ideas for my wrapping.  I’ve especially liked the tag ideas.
  I love these tags from Dana, over at Wonder Forest.  All the more so because you don’t need to do much of anything to have them ready, just print, cut out and go!
  These from Handmade Holiday take my breath away.  Only problem is, if you didn’t want them to wilt, you wouldn’t be able to make them until right before you gave the gift.  Also, I’m not entirely sure what I did with my floral wire…
  I decided to try making my own.

  I wanted a more antiqued look for my tags, so first, I tea stained my cardstock.
  I keep a box of super cheap, off brand black tea just for projects like this.  Grab 4 or 5 tea bags and dunk them in a couple of cups of hot water.  Put your cardstock into a baking pan with a lip around it and pour the steeped tea over.
  If you’re lucky enough to have some coffee grounds kicking around, toss those on there too.  They don’t make a huge difference in the end result, but it does add a little bit of texture.  Places where the coffee sits heavily don’t get stained quite as darkly as those that are entirely exposed to the tea.
  Let the paper sit in the tea for at least a half an hour and then remove to dry.  Because it’s already wet, feel free to rinse it off with clear water to remove any coffee grounds that may stick to it.  I used a cookie cooling rack to dry my paper, but setting it on paper towel or a dish towel you don’t mind getting tea-stained would work too.
  Once my paper was dry, I cut it into individual tags and taped scraps of fabric to them.  Then I used my sewing machine to stitch holiday shapes through the fabric and paper.  Once they were attached, I trimmed the fabric.
  What do you guys think?  Will you try this out for your Christmas tags?

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