Drawstring waisted top for Christmas

  It took forever, but my top for Christmas is finally done.

No, my arm is not that skinny, I just need way more practice at photoshop.
Also, I promise I don’t have a mullet.  See above mention of photoshop skills.
  Don’t believe me it’s taken forever?  This shirt is the one I made the pattern for when I taught you guys how to make your own patterns
  It’s also the fabric I was making bias tape out of with the cardstock bias tape makers.
  And I’ve been wanting to make it since before I wore it for my homemade shampoo post.
  Sleeveless isn’t exactly appropriate for the end of December in Michigan, but I figure it will be cute with a black top layered underneath…and when something takes 3 months to get completed, I can’t help myself, it has to be worn right then, no matter how impractical.
  What have you been working on?  Anything ridiculously long term like this?
  I’d love to see your projects!

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