Shimmering party earrings

  This time of year I find myself even more drawn to sparkly things than usual.  That means something from a girl who has been known to stop walking along the road to admire shards of broken glass.  So, in the interest of making sure everybody has a little something shiny to wear the next few nights, I thought I’d share a tutorial for making some party earrings.

I don’t need an “elf on the shelf”.
  I have a scary, disembodied, albino mannequin head to make sure everybody behaves.
  Here’s what you need to make them:
Fishhook earring bases, chain scraps, lots and lots of metal loops,
 wire working tools and sequins in your choice of color

  These earrings look a lot more complicated than they are, so I thought I would show them constructed, as I think it will be more clear how they go together that way.
  First, construct the sequinned portion of the earrings.  To do this, start with a small jewelry loop with one sequin on it.  Attach a larger jewelry loop with two sequins (one on either side of the loop) and twist closed.  Attach further large loops (with two sequins on each) until you have a chain of 6 loops.
  I found that the best way to ensure you don’t lose sequins left and right is to over-twist the circle until it folds back onto itself like a keychain ring.
  Once you have created 6 sets of sequin chains, clip two lengths of chain.  Mine are 3.5″ and 4″ long.  Secure the chains to your earring bases and attach your sequin loop chains in alternating order down them.  When you are finished your earrings should look like this:
  Throw them on and go ring in the new year!  
  I hope this tutorial was clear enough.  If not, please leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help clarify anything that isn’t!
This post is linked to Embellishing Life‘s Craft Catwalk

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