Cuddly slippers in progress

  So you remember how I said I’m one of those people who waits til the last minute with Christmas?  Yeah, I’m still working on gifts.  Oops.

  This week’s sewing project is a work in progress.  I’m making slippers like these for my nieces.  Don’t worry, I warned their mom so they won’t accidentally see this post.  I expected to have them done in plenty of time to put this up, but a couple of things imploded on me that made finishing them not happen.  G, for instance, has apparently decided he wants pink slippers and keeps stealing them while I’m trying to work.
  Here are the slippers so far:
  My skills at making critters that look like what they’re supposed to look like needs work.  The little slippers were originally going to be kitties.  With the tongues and ears sewn on I decided that, nope, they were dogs. The bigger slippers were gonna be bunnies.  Right now I’m sorta thinking it looks more like a horse.
  Either way, I think the girls will like them, and they’ll keep their toes nice and toasty.
  If I ever finish them.

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