It was a busy December

  Back in the beginning of December I had mentioned that I had several projects I was working on for Christmas gifts.  Some of those projects made it out the door without my remembering to photograph them (oops).  But I thought I’d share some of the ones I caught before I gifted them.

  I’ve found in the past that if I pick one type of hand made gift and make it for several people, it works out a lot better than trying to do 8 different crafts at once.  This is what I made for our friends with little kids:
  I used Simplicity’s pattern 2445.  I thought about giving everybody really loud, obnoxious toys.  But then I remembered that I have a toddler and it’d just be asking for payback.  Speaking of my toddler, don’t worry, G got an eggplant of his own.  He likes to throw it like it’s a grenade.
  I made these earrings for my Grandma.  They aren’t quite as flashy as my shimmering party earrings, but they were also a lot quicker to throw together.  They’re a simple stack of 3 freshwater pearls and a glass bead on a flat headed jewelry pin.  I’m considering making myself a pair with some black pearls.
  Lastly, of course, are the fleece slippers I’ve been working on for my nieces!  They’re finally done, and unless I’m really being a slacker, they ought to be in the mail to them by now!
  If you have any questions on how any of these projects went together,
 please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or email.

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