The power of people. And red dresses.

  I shouldn’t be on my computer right now.  I have about 80 bajillion things I ought to be getting done, between my new semester starting, my new job starting and generally trying to keep my house from imploding on me.
  The problem is, I’ve been captivated.  If you haven’t already heard of it, go read about the Traveling Red Dress Project.  Don’t you want to be a part of it now?  These dresses are giving hope to women living through depression, divorce, cancer.  I’ve donated 2 dresses already and a 3rd is just waiting for the perfect recipient to snap it up.  I want to do more.
  I made the button above to hopefully help spread the word even further.  Please feel free to steal it and use it on your site, facebook or twitter if you’re part of the project too!
  If you haven’t heard of the project before this, check it out.  There’s lots of information on Twitter under #travelingreddress, plenty on the Bloggess’s site and there are pictures of dresses waiting to be worn on Flickr in the group “TravelingRedDress”.
  If you have an awesome dress hanging out in your closet that you have been considering letting go, please, please consider donating it to this project.  As Jenny (the Bloggess) said, “Doesn’t have to be red or new…just a dress so ridiculously amazing that someone would feel like a bad-ass wearing it barefoot thru a park.”

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