Hex Nut Braided Bracelet

  Today’s craft is one I’m sure you’ve seen if you’re on Pinterest.

  I love pretty much everything on the Giles & Brother site, but I am waaaay too cheap to drop that kind of cash on…well…anything.  Especially when I have a kiddo who thinks it’s hilarious to rip jewelry off of me.
  I followed the pin link to Honestly…WTF and got her instructions for her version of the bracelet.
  Hers is darling, but I really loved the blue and the extra metal on the original.
  To make my version, I started with 16 silver hex nuts (I don’t usually wear gold), a short length of silver chain, dark navy embroidery floss, a couple jump rings and a clasp set.  I dabbed a touch of hot glue on the jump ring once it was connected to the clasp end to keep the embroidery floss from slipping out.  3 strands of embroidery floss was looking rather scrawny, so I doubled up, folding each strand over the jump ring so each of the 3 portions for braiding had 2 strands each.  I braided for about 1.5″ before starting to add the hexes.
  Honestly…WTF mentions that adding the nuts is the trickiest part.  Don’t worry too much about the angles they line up at when you add them to the strand, just make sure they don’t slide down below when you braid the next strand underneath.  She has some wonderful pictures of how to do it that I’d suggest you check out.
  Once I’d added all of my hex nuts I braided the embroidery floss for another 3″ or so.  Then I folded the remaining thread around the doubled over chain and stitched it into itself.  The other end of the chain has both ends connected to a single jump ring that is attached to the other side of the clasp.
  I’m sure that all sounds far more complicated than it is.  Try it out and I’m sure you’ll get it.
  I LOVE this bracelet.  It looks gorgeous with a few extra silver chains stacked around it, and it’s tough enough to wear on toddler-duty. 

  Let me know if you have any questions about how any of this works
 and I’ll be happy to help!

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