Scissor containment for seamstresses

  If you know someone who sews, you most likely know someone with far more scissors she needs to keep track of than a non-sewer could possibly understand the need for.  Us seamstresses guard our sewing scissors with a ferocity usually reserved for a mama bear with her cubs.  How ironic then when we carelessly lose them into our own projects!

  There are a lot of different ways to store sewing scissors to keep them from being lost in the piles of fabric, thread and scraps that tend to accompany a project, but a lot of them involve hanging things on the wall.  Unfortunately for me, our office is only temporarily in this room.  Eventually, when we get around to having another baby, this will become G’s room and I’ll have to find a new home for all my sewing stuff.  I didn’t want to have a “solution” for my scissors that might not work in whatever space in the house I end up in next.  So, this is how I store my scissors:
  I just use a simple desk organizer.  I think I got this one at Target.  It has 4 sections within the block which keeps the scissors from falling over and makes it so I can use it for my rulers and curves as well.
  It’s not quite as neat as hanging each pair on the wall individually, but it’s easy enough that I put them away each time after using them, and it’s easy to move the whole thing up onto a higher shelf whenever I find that G has figured out how to get to them.  Again.
Do you have any tricks for keeping your sewing and crafting area in order?

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