I’m a cheap date. To breakfast.

  Any of you who follow me on Twitter already were treated to my being hopped up on caffeine on Wednesday.  If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you totally should.  I get hopped up on caffeine and then tweet.  It’s awesome.

  It doesn’t take a lot.  Wednesday I had my usual tea in the morning.  I drink a “pot” of it, but it’s only two tea bags…with lots and lots of water and milk.  What pushed me over the edge was a small iced coffee I had on the way to do some errands.
  I’m not a “lightweight” in other ways.  My ancestors were Irish, German, Scottish and Welsh, so I’m certainly not a “cheap date” to dinner.  But give me a frappachino at the wrong time of day and I literally start vibrating like a coin-fed bed in a sleazy motel.
  I know I’m a freak in this regard.  After noon I can’t drink caffeinated pop, energy drinks are just asking for trouble.  I can’t even have an after dinner coffee.  Decaf has enough caffeine in it to set me on edge for hours.  I can’t even comprehend the three or four cups of coffee most people have in the morning, my hands shake too hard for me to type after two!
  The problem is, I really like coffee.  It’s a good thing there aren’t any easily accessible Arby’s to my house…jamoca shakes are an addiction.  I try really hard to limit my caffeine intake.  I know it makes me a crazy person.  But man, that crazy person can get some stuff DONE.
  The crazier my schedule has gotten lately, the more I’ve been tempted to break my “curfew” and just have one more pot of tea.  Or stop for an iced mocha, or brew myself a cup.  It’s not like I’ve got time to sleep anyhow, right?
  So head over to Twitter.  Say hi.  Encourage me to stay strong and have a glass of juice, or, be bad and encourage me to have an espresso.  If you’re really looking for trouble, convince me to have two.
  Don’t believe me?  Here’s what happened when I made the mistake of trying to drink a few cups of coffee.

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