Decorative mending for jeans

  I have a bad habit of wearing the seat out of my jeans.  I like to pretend it’s because I have such an awe-striking butt that the radiation of that much awesomeness just deteriorates the denim.  But it’s probably just that I play rough in my clothes and refuse to replace them.

  I hate shopping for new jeans like cats hate swimming, so when this otherwise perfectly good pair ripped in the butt, I knew I had to figure out a way to save them. 
  I’m not a huge fan of the standard patch look.  It’s a touch hillbilly/flower child for me.  But to re-enforce the hole, I was going to have to put some kind of extra fabric on there somehow.  
  I cut a small patch of denim from a pair of jeans that weren’t savable, placed it inside my jeans and stitched this lightning bolt shape over it using metallic gold thread.  To make sure the zig zags were irregular (instead of just looking like a zig zag stitch) I used my straight stitch and randomly turned the direction of the needle as I sewed.  Doing it this way pulled the hole most of the way shut and attached the extra denim really securely.
  I plan on stitching a few random thunderbolts in other places on my jeans and then I’ll be back to wearing them until the seat falls out again!
Do you mend your clothes so you don’t have to be bothered finding new ones?
Or would you rather just shop for replacements?

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