Closet hints: Folding sweaters so they don’t fall over

  When the Mr. and I moved to Ann Arbor I was desperate for a job.  The area we had been in was slowly but surely dying and the only employers were the hospital and my husband’s company.  I’m neither an engineer or a doctor, so I was pretty much S.O.L. for work.

  After nearly 3 years of either not being able to find a job, or only being able to find a job for a month before the company realized they couldn’t afford me, I was determined to be working full time immediately.  Not surprisingly, I jumped at the first job I was offered.  Even less surprisingly, that job was in retail.
  The company I worked for doesn’t matter.  Lets just say that it was a very poor fit.  It wasn’t my style of clothing, nor was it suited to me in other ways.  The thing that does matter is, as a clothing store, part of my position was folding clothes.  Lots and lots and lots of clothes.  And not just any fold.  Each garment had to be folded a very specific way.
  I rolled my eyes.  How ridiculous do you have to be to have different folds for each type of shirt?  But I’m embarrassed to admit, I eventually saw the point…and started doing it in my closet.
  If you haven’t ever had the…uhm, experience that is working in clothing retail, you probably have the same problem with your sweaters I had until I started using this method.  No matter how neatly you fold them, if you stack more than 2, they fall over and you’re left with a huge mess.
  I’m going to give you the how-to of folding your sweaters flat, so you can stack 5 or 6 of them without issue.
  Start with a fully fastened sweater.  If your sweater zips or buttons, do it up.  It will save you time and frustration trying to get it to lay flat.  Flip the whole thing face down.
  Fold your sleeves and a small portion of each side edge into the middle of your sweater back.  Cross your sleeves over one another and then fold upwards to put them in the upper half of the sweater.
  Fold the bottom half of your sweater up over your folded sleeves and flip over.
 Tada!  A nice, flat folded sweater that you can stack easily.  The small parts of the sweater sides you folded in keep the outside of the sweater as thick as the inside where the sleeves are folded, so you don’t have any strange bumps that will make your sweater stack list to one side or the other.
  Try it out, let me know what you think!  Next week I’ll show you how to fold pants!

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