Accounting for time

  Yesterday I mentioned I’ve been a little swamped with school work this week.  I fear this may be the case until May.  I really, really want to continue posting Monday through Saturday, I’m just not certain there will be much crafting or sewing.  So you guys have a better understanding of why, I thought I’d share a little of what’s eating my time right now.

  In a typical week I spend:
8 hrs sleeping (x 7)  (I’m usually not asleep this whole time, but in bed at least) ————–56 hrs
3 hrs accounting class (x 2) ——————————————————————6 hrs
—1.5 hrs Commuting to/from class (x 2)—————————————————–3 hrs
7 hrs Tutoring (2 hrs x 3 days + online meetings & paperwork)——————————-7 hrs
30 minutes preparing dinner (x 4)  (the Mr. cooks Fri-Sun)———————————–2 hrs
20 minutes preparing lunch/breakfast (x7)————————————————-2 hrs 20
1 hour eating (x7) ————————————————————————–7 hrs
30 minutes doing dishes (x7)————————————————————–3.5 hrs
30 minutes blog posts (x 6) (only includes writing and photo-editing) ————————-3 hrs
4 hour visit with my mom——————————————————————–4 hrs
2.5 hrs Moms’ Group———————————————————————-2.5 hrs
1.75 hr menu planning and grocery shopping———————————————-1.75 hrs
1 hr Library Baby Group———————————————————————1 hr
30 mins showering/teeth brushing ect (x 7)————————————————–3.5 hrs
1 hr zumba class—————————————————————————–1 hr
40 minutes laundry (minimum)————————————————————-40 mins
  That’s 104 hours and fifteen minutes.  Out of 168 in a week.  And I’m probably underestimating how long several of those tasks take me.  So without doing ANYTHING unscheduled/unrequired 62% of my week is gone.  That’s without spending any time with the Mr., any playing alone with G, any but the most necessary of cleaning, or any playing on Pinterest.  
  Normally that’s pretty manageable for me.  I finish that stuff and still have plenty of time to do the other things I want.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’m the sort of person who thrives on busyness.  If I’m not running full tilt, I get bored.  But, and here’s the catch, for all of this busyness to work without everything flying out of control, I have to be able to make a mental schedule of it all.
  Unfortunately, I seem to have a nemesis to my scheduling this semester.  I had taken into account that I would have homework associated with my two classes.  G spends his Wednesdays at daycare so that I can study and so he can have the opportunity to play with kids his age.  8 hours per week baby-free should be more than enough for me to finish my school work, right?
  Apparently not.
  The professor for one of my classes assigned a project that was originally due this past Monday.  Several of us were struggling with it the Monday before so she told us we would have an extension.  We all assumed that meant a full week.  Monday evening, an hour before class started, we got an email saying that we in fact only had until Friday to complete it.  I put at least 15 hours into the project.  Probably more since I know I spent 6 solid hours on it on Wednesday.  I wasn’t able to actually finish it before turning it in.  It’s only worth 5% of our grade.
  Our syllabus stated we had another project due this upcoming Monday.  I’ve been scrambling, trying to get the first project finished, trying to make sure I keep up to date on my homework for my other class and trying to make sure that I bathe at least once in a while, so I hadn’t had a chance to even think about starting it.  We received an email on Friday afternoon stating that the second project wasn’t actually due on Monday and that she’d give us more details in class.
  Massive time commitments are one thing.  Massive time commitments with moving deadlines are a completely different ball of wax.
  I’m still going to be here, I’m still going to be writing, but please understand that my projects may be a little more drawn out than usual.  Thanks for being patient with me!

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