Closet hints: Folding jeans so they take up less space

  Last week I showed you the best way to fold sweaters, this week I’m going to show you how to fold your pants (especially jeans) so they aren’t taking up so much of your shelf space.

  Start by folding your jeans in half, leg over leg.  Make sure to flatten out the crotch seam so you have a J shaped curve.
  Next, fold your pant leg up towards the waistband.  You want to fold the pants into thirds.  Please note that for ease of photography, I used a pair of G’s toddler jeans.  Your pant proportions will probably be a bit different, but your first fold should wind up with the cuff close to the bottom of the crotch seam.
  Next, fold the pants again so your previously made fold touches the waistband (folded into thirds).
  Flip the whole thing over and you’re done!  These stack nicely, but I also like that it’s a more space conscious fold than just folding pants in half, even if you’re just putting them in a drawer.
  Now you have more space for shoes!
  You’re welcome.

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