Priorities, I ‘en’t got ’em

  I almost didn’t have anything to show you guys this week.  If I’m honest, I shouldn’t have anything to show you guys this week.  I should have been studying, NOT sewing.  But, I got fed up with the amount of time I’ve been putting into my classwork (I’m looking at you Monday night class) and decided I was giving myself a break to do something I enjoy.  If I wind up having failed my Thursday night class test, I’ll be kicking myself, but hey, at least I’ve got a cute shirt to show for it.

  This is a shirt I’ve made a million times.  I used my method for creating a pattern from a piece of clothing you already own years ago and have made a dozen different variations of it.  The original was a charcoal grey vneck with 3/4 length sleeves.  Obviously I made some changes for this version.
  To lengthen the sleeves, I measured from where the shirt I was wearing hit on my shoulder to my wrist.  I ran a tape measure from the top of my pattern piece, down past the 3/4 sleeve cuff and down onto my fabric for the correct length for a full sleeve.  If you do this yourself, make sure you don’t forget to add some extra fabric for seam allowance.  You can always cut more fabric off to make sleeves shorter.
  To change the neckline, I cut out the front piece around all the sides and cut notches where the original neckline cut into the shirt.  I then folded the piece in half, matching the two notches and cut the scoop free-hand.  I made sure to stick a pin at the lowest depth I wanted so I didn’t make the scoop too deep.  Folding the piece in half keeps your neckline symmetrical, which, I learned the hard way, is nearly impossible to do otherwise and will make your whole shirt look off if it’s wrong.  Starting with your notches in the same place as your original neckline allows you to attach your new neckline directly to your back piece without making any modifications.
  I added some length to the hem in the same way I added length to the sleeves.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, I have a super long torso, and I hate having cold winter air on my stomach.
  I also love that the fabric is covered in teensie skulls.  They almost look like flowers until you look closely.  I have some of the fabric left and I’m debating between a matching tank top for myself or something for G.
  I’m sure if I make something for G, he’ll one day be horrified to learn I not only put him in something with a pink flower-lookin’ design on it, but that it was a matching top to his mother’s.  I just haven’t decided yet if that’s a reason to not make him something or a reason I have to.
  I’ve only got so long before he starts dressing himself here folks.
  So, what have you been sewing?

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