Valentine’s Day card, for when you REALLY love them

  This Valentine’s my Mr. and I are still very much in love.  We’ve been married for five years and together for over seven.  It’s incredible to me that after all this time we still find things we’re surprised to learn about each other.

  As we are together for longer and longer, I find it has gotten harder to find cards for holidays that are intended to be romantic.  Valentine’s day and anniversaries were easy when we were first together, go find the sappiest Hallmark card you can and you’re good to go.  But as our relationship continues, and I stop being able to clearly remember a time we weren’t a couple, it gets complicated.  The card companies don’t know our inside jokes, don’t share our sense of humor, and their sappy messages seem impersonal.
  So I’ve started making my own cards.
  This is my card for today:
  I’m taking a little bit of a chance putting it up here that my Mr. will see it before I give it to him, but I’m gambling that since it’s a week day, he’ll be too busy at work to check my post today.
  I was inspired by this card on Etsy.  I wouldn’t say that either of us hate all the Valentine’s day stuff, and we already have more bacon in our freezer than we know what to do with, so I wanted to put my own spin on it.
  My Mr. isn’t a huge fan of sweets, so that kind of kills the cookies and candy approach.  He does, however, love canned fish, like sardines.  Which I can’t stand.  
  But, it’s something he really enjoys, so a hand-drawn card and stinky canned fish he gets.  Because when the crazed, gushy Hallmark phase wears off, what you find you really want more than anything is to make the person you love happy.  Even if it makes them temporarily stinky too.
Please feel free to steal this card front if your honey would like it too.
  I haven’t quite figured out the mechanics of uploading it in a way that it will come up as a printable pdf, but you can save it as an image and edit it as you need.
  Please just link back to me if you share it elsewhere on the web!

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