Closet hints: Folding tank tops to keep organized

  Today’s method for folding tank tops is not one I learned while working retail.  In the store I worked at, tank tops were always just folded in half and laid out.  Not exactly space conscious folding.

  I needed to figure out a better solution, because I have a million tank tops.  I wear them year round.  In summer they’re a shirt on their own, and in cold weather they serve as the first layer of the at least 3 shirts I’m typically wearing.
  One of the nice things about tank tops when it comes to folding is that they don’t have a whole lot of variation in styling.  That means we’re going to be identifying them by color or pattern as opposed to needing to see the neckline or sleeves.  Taking that into account, I decided the best way to store them would be in small rolls.
  Start by folding your tank top in half, just like we’re displaying it at a store.
  Tuck your straps inside and start rolling towards the hem.
  Hooray!  Your tank top is now not much bigger than a pair of socks!  Rolled this way, I can keep my hoarder-like stash of 27,906 tanks in one drawer of a Tupperware stackable and still be able to find the one I want in the morning.
  What tricks do you have for keeping your closet organized?

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