Quick and dirty phone stand

  By now, every phone on earth comes equipped with a camera.  Smart phone, dumb phone…I wouldn’t be surprised to see that the 3 remaining landlines in the country have them now.

  Not only are cameras everywhere, but it seems like the quality of camera is shooting through the roof too.  I recently was upgraded (for Christmas) to a smart phone from a “its parents dropped it on its head a lot” phone and have been enjoying myself far too much.  Instagram is maybe a little like crack for me.  (if you don’t get enough toddler pictures here, I suggest following me (ecbrayt), or following me on twitter (@gcbkids) since most of them wind up there too).
  I take most of my pictures with our little hand-held point and shoot camera, but now that I’ve got a high quality camera, one that already has built in filters on it, with me all the time, I’m starting to do more and more with my phone.  Problem is, my phone and the tripods I have for the point and shoot don’t play nice together.
  I reaaally want one of these.  (Psstt, Mr., hint hint)  But, in the mean time, I’ve devised a way to keep my phone standing on its own, so I can take self portraits. 
  Hey, the kid isn’t the only one who deserves to have cool filtered photos.
  Fancy, I know.  But I promise, you too can afford this incredible camera phone stand.
  I’m sure it’s fairly obvious from the picture, but all I’ve done is to clamp a binder clip around the bottom of my phone.  I’ve put a scrap of material from G’s button down shirt in between the two to prevent any scratching.
  Once everything is clipped together, simply stand the whole thing up and adjust the prongs of the binder clip to hold your phone at the angle you would like.
  That’s it!  It’s certainly not going to get you pictures from strange angles while hanging out of trees or balancing on rocky outcroppings, but if all you need is something to keep your phone from flopping over while you scurry across the room to attempt to pose, this is the way to go.
  Now I just have to figure out a way to use a binder clip to keep me from making stupid faces just as the camera goes off…

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