Cinderelly, Cinderelly, sewing dress for Cinderelly

  This week I’ve been working on a project for a friend.  She doesn’t do a whole lot of sewing and her daughter is in a school play and needed a costume.  Their school is putting on Cinderella and all the girls need ball gowns.  It’s a religious school, so as well as needing to be a big, poofy dress, it also needs to meet certain modesty guidelines (coverage of the shoulders, back and neckline).  Oh, and the director is requiring that the dresses be blue, yellow or green.  Yikes!
  Not knowing quite where to get something that would meet all those requirements, my friend called me.  I suggested she find a dress that fit her daughter that had either a long skirt or the proper coverage on top and that we’d work from there.
  They went to Salvation Army and found an old prom dress in a dark green and called me.  We talked about a few things we wanted to do on it and I took it home to get started.
    The first thing we decided we wanted was an even fluffier skirt.  The skirt had the very bottom layer of tulle shown on the left already, but really, we’re talking about a royal ball here, not just  homecoming.  We needed a bigger skirt.
  I added around 2 yards of tulle in the two top layers.  To get a nice, full underskirt that would hold the satin on top away from her body, I measured around the skirt and sewed a band of tulle twice as long to it (after I gathered it).  I sewed the tulle on upside down (the seam allowance towards the hem and the extra tulle folded back down over it) to help keep the satin even further out.  Under the top band I added a second band that was twice as long (or four times as long as the skirt is around).  If this were anything but a costume, I would have added a third layer between the second layer and the original existing tulle to smooth out the transition.  For a costume, this is plenty.
  We have a lot of little junk to do yet.  The lovely little slash in the neckline needs to be sewn together, the zipper needs to be mended and we have some fabric to make sleeves out of.  The skirt is finished though, so I can’t do anything further without a fitting.
  Other than that, no sewing this week.  *has a withdrawl shudder*
  What are you sewing right now?

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