In which I crimp my hair

  Today I’m playing along with Dana over at Wonder Forest and joining Self Portrait Saturdays.  Because, obviously, what this blog is missing is more self indulgent, moody pictures of me.  Right?  I know you guys can’t get enough of my smarmy face.

  I broke out a bit more photoshop than I’ve seen by the submitters in the previous weeks, but, as we’ve discussed, I’ve only got my dinky little point and shoot to play with…no remote, and I’m working with shop lights and posterboard to get my pictures.  And my camera freaks out when there’s TOO much light and turns everything yellow.  This is the test shot I took to make sure the zoom wasn’t cutting off my head:
  Everything turning dark yellow aside, lets focus on that hair for a minute.  Hot, right?  In an attempt to get something looking sorta like pin curls, I actually broke out this monster:
100% authentic, 1980’s crimper
  Doing these pictures I was trying for a silent movie star look, kind of like this:
  Instead, I wound up with Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters.
  Oh well.  The whole point is to experiment and see how it turns out, right?  So lets get on to the finished pictures.
  If you haven’t already clicked on the link to Sigourney above, do it now.  It’s kind of hilarious how accidentally spot on I got.  *sighs*  What can I say, I do “possessed by demons” well.
  I’m still not entirely sure where I went awry.  I think a big part of the problem is that my face is far too thin for the look in the 1910s.  They’d have thought I was dying of consumption or something.  I know my eyebrows are too thick/not drawn on, but I’m just not that committed to getting the look right.
  After giving up on the idea that any of these shots were going to make me look like Clara Bow, I decided to start playing with other looks I could get in photoshop.
  For this one I just played with the curves, exposure and offset.  I personally think I wound up looking like some Apple brand saloon girl.  iFlirt.  I’m kind of in love with it.
  With this shot I played with a couple different layers of painterly filters.  One of them is fresco, I think there might be some watercolor in there…I don’t remember everything I put on it, but there were at least 4 layers.  I think this one would have been prettier if I had a little rounder cheeks too.  I was sort of going for a Renaissance portrait look, but I’d have been the scrawniest duchess they’d ever seen in Europe.
  This last one is my favorite.  As a stay at home mom, I worry sometimes that I’ve started to look…soft…a little too matronly.  So I love that at least one of my pictures leaves me looking like a dangerous criminal on the lamb.  You don’t mess with me…and you seriously don’t mess with my baby.  Can’t you see that crazed look in my eyes?
  Honestly, what sane woman would use a crimper??

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