Get outta my head! (and into my notebook)

  My poor husband… most husbands get honey-do lists.  Mine gets a whole book.

  With my classes keeping me crazy busy and the weather still being absolutely frigid here in Michigan, I haven’t had the time for any home improvement projects.
  Unfortunately, not having the time or weather for a project seems to make me want to do it even more than usual.  All of those ideas were swirling in my head, and it was making it hard to focus on my homework.
  My accounting classes must be rubbing off on me.  Normally I would have scribbled all of the ideas I had in my head down on one list and called it good.  This time I got down-right ledgery.
  I found an old notebook my Mr. had given to me from a work conference he’d gone to and titled a page for each room in our house and one for outside.  Then I wrote each of my ideas on the appropriate page.  I’m still working on my fur shams for the bedroom, so they went on the master bedroom page.  I want to change the color scheme in our living room, so knitting a new blanket in the right colors went on the living room page.
  I’ll admit, it’s a little…uhm, anal? but it has helped me to break down exactly how much I have to get done to consider a room “finished”.  For instance, even though I feel like there are infinite projects between me and a finished bedroom, I only actually have 5 things I can name that I specifically want to get done.  Five things isn’t too bad.  Five things is doable.  I can forget about five things.
…which means I can get back to my homework.

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