Easy formal cap sleeves

  Last week I showed you guys a formal dress I was working on for a friend’s daughter’s costume.  I had added layers of tulle to increase the fullness of the dress and had mentioned we still would need to add some fabric to make the top more modest.  That’s what I did this week.

  Because this is a costume, and to make sure the dress stayed firmly in place, we left the original halter strap on the dress.  To create the cap sleeves I cut a rectangle of fabric for each sleeve.  I ran a gathering stitch across the ends and then stitched them onto the dress with the front over top of the dress (as shown) and the back tucked under.  The back of the dress was entirely open, so to give more coverage the rectangle was less gathered in back and was spread along the original back line to cover the opening.
  If I had been doing this for a formal gown that was going to be worn for something closer up (a wedding or a dance) I would have made further modifications.  The halter strap would have been removed and I would have done most of the work by hand.  As it is though, the dress looks beautiful on her, and she is much more comfortable wearing it.
  As always, if you have any questions about how I did this, feel free to leave a comment or email me!

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