Slow cooker black bean soup

  Today’s recipe is for slow cooker black bean soup.  This winter has been incredibly mild, but the last few weeks we’ve had a surprisingly harsh cold snap.  With all the cold sweeping in and the wind blowing and the snow coming down, I haven’t wanted to do much other than hide under a blanket with my hands around a hot mug of soup.
  This soup fit the bill perfectly.  It’s nice and filling thanks to the beans, and it has a little bit of a spicy kick to help warm you up.
  Here’s what you need:
3 cans of black beans (not rinsed)
1 can stewed tomatoes with juice
2 cups of broth
2 T taco or hot sauce
1 1/2 cups chopped vegetables
  The original recipe calls for you to chop up any vegetables you add to the soup before you put them in the crock pot.  I ignored that for two reasons.  One, because instead of using frozen veggies, I dumped some left over salsa we had into the soup, and two, because we’re going to use an immersion blender later anyhow, so why blend twice?
  Dump everything into your slow cooker and set it on high for 5-6 hours (or low for 8-10).  When finished cooking, blend with an immersion blender for a creamy texture.
  We topped our soup with shredded mozzarella cheese, but sour cream or plain yogurt would also be delicious.  Next time I make it we’ll make sure to freeze the leftovers.

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