Do I need to change my name?-an old sewing project, because I’m lame this week

  You guys?  I totally failed you this week for sewing.  I haven’t touched pin, needle, thread or scissors all week.  I’ve been an especially CRAZY broad, and not so creative at all.

  So, since I don’t want to leave you guys without any sewing inspiration at all, I thought I’d walk you through a sweater I made for G like a year and a half ago.
  I made the sweater from an old zip-necked pullover of my Mr.’s.   It had gone through the washer and dryer on high heat one time too many and was too small to fit my full-sized man, so I cut it down for my little one.
  If you have an adult knit sweater you’d like to modify into baby clothing, the biggest tip I can give you is to take advantage of the finished edges.
 Save yourself a lot of headache and cut your adult sweater along the seams so you can lay the pieces flat.  Position your baby sleeve pattern piece so your cuff is along the cuff of the adult sleeve.  Ditto for the body pieces and the bottom hem of the sweater.  If your sweater has a ribbed collar, take the time to carefully remove it from your adult piece so you can use it for your finished garment.
  Finished edges like these will immediately make your sweater look more professional and expensive, and they mean less work for you!
  To create this sweater I sewed the original neckband into a tube.  I stitched shoulder and side seams on the body, stitched the sleeves shut and attached them to the body.  I stitched the collar to the neck of the body and I was finished.
  10 seams total.  You really can’t get any simpler.  Which is good, cuz at this age, they’re going to grow out of it in 3 weeks flat anyhow.
  If you’d like to do this for your kiddo and have any questions about what I’ve done, please leave me a question, or, feel free to email me!

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