Autumn Sausage Rice-Slowcooker fail

  If you are one of the sneaky few who have already discovered the new E.C.B. Facebook page, you already knew this Sunday post was coming.  If not, feel free to hop over there and like the page to get sneak peeks of what is coming, suggest posts you’d like to see and to tell me what you think!

  This recipe was really a disappointment for me.  I have a Fall Sausage dish that I make on the stove top that I love.  I was hoping this would be similar.  It isn’t, at all.
  It even looks good in the picture, doesn’t it?  But the only thing I found autumn-y about this was that I expect a mouth full of dried sticks and leaves would have the same amount of flavor.
  I’m not sure where I went wrong.  Perhaps I added more rice than I was supposed to?  Maybe my sausage was too mild?  Whatever it was, this was bland, bland, bland.
  I’m not even going to bother posting the recipe on here, I thought that little of it, but if you guys want to try it out, feel free to click on the link below the picture.  If it turns out well for you, please tell me what modifications you’ve made!  I’ll make sure to throw the fall sausage dish I do like on the menu before too long so I can share it with you!

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