How to easily pit olives, an accidental discovery

  Way back in January, when I was making the Greek Turkey Burgers for the very first time, I discovered a trick.  When I was grocery shopping, I accidentally bought kalamata olives with pits in them, which meant that while I was prepping the burgers, I first had to cut every single pit out.

  It was frustrating, especially because I was running late for getting food ready before I went to class.  I didn’t actually wind up being able to eat any of the burgers I prepared until I got home that night.

  I didn’t share the trick I found for pitting olives then because I assumed you guys would already know.  While I am getting better, I still consider myself to be pretty inept in the kitchen.  But the other night as we were topping our dinner with chopped olives I watched my husband (who is more or less a god in the kitchen) meticulously cut every pit out.  If he didn’t know my trick, I figured you guys might not either, so I’ll share!
  So there I was, making the turkey burgers, plodding along, cutting out the pits as the minutes before I had to leave trickled away.  I may have gotten a little upset.  I may have slammed the knife down on top of an olive in a fit of annoyance.
  Turns out, you can pit an olive by smashing it with the flat of your knife blade in exactly the same way you can peel a clove of garlic that way.  The olive splits and the pit falls right out.  No mess, no fuss and it’s way faster than cutting each one out.
  Don’t you just love happy accidents?
  I hope this will help you guys save some time, and prevent you from having to discover this method through a temper tantrum like I did!

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