Lets get outside!

  It’s spring!

The first bloom of the year in my yard
  Alright, so with the highs nearly at 80 the last week, it has felt more like June in Michigan, but it’s officially spring now.
  I love wandering my yard in the first few warm days and discovering all the plants that are brave enough to peek their faces above the soil when there’s no guarantee they’re not going to be met with a mouthful of snow tomorrow.
  My chives are clearly ready to go.  I’m always glad to see them.  All summer long I substitute them in to recipes for green onions and scallions.  Hooray cheaper grocery bill and less stuff going bad in the fridge because I forgot about it!
  I went a little overboard with the hyacinth bulbs this past fall.  Between these and the tulips I have bright green shoots all over the place.  We do have a herd of deer that uses the yard between our house and our neighbor’s as an expressway though, so we’ll see how many of them become salad.
  Do you guys remember the garlic I planted last fall?  Look how big it is already!  If you planted your own this past fall, don’t worry, I’ll be walking you through this as it grows.  (You don’t have to do much, I promise)
  I have lots of plans for the yard this spring and summer.  I’ve already put edging around a new garden on the far side of the garage so I can put up another trellis for a matching clematis on that side.  If I can get organized enough I may even give you guys the specs for my trellis so you can build your own if you like it.
  Hopefully I can put a bleeding heart over in the new garden as well as the clematis.  I’m sure we’ll have a vegetable garden again this year, and several of my herbs are already coming back in our herb patch.
  The cats are getting used to being back outside again and the Mr. has been working on repairs for the barn while the weather has been nice.  Hopefully by the time the cold weather comes around again it will be sealed and sided.
  The old white building out back is looking all the worse for wear after the winter.  I’m utterly in love with its doors and windows, but it’s getting to the point where I’m more worried about G getting into it and getting hurt than I am about wanting to preserve a picturesque photo-prop.  Hopefully when we tear it down we’ll be able to salvage the doors for something.
  I always seem to plan to do more in the yard than we are ever able to get done, but I’ll be sure to share the projects we’re working on.
  Now that the sun is out, will you be getting out and playing in the dirt?  Share your outdoor plans with me in the comments!

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