Things I’ve tried on Pinterest- the good smellin’ home edition

  If you’re already on Pinterest, you know that while it can be an awesome resource for finding ideas, it can also be a terrifyingly bad time suck.  The joke is “look at all these great projects I could get done, if only I could get myself to step away from Pinterest!”.

  I’m certainly not immune to the ‘pin a billion things, do 3″ syndrome, but I at least attempt to regularly try things I’ve pinned.  I have a “things I’ve actually done” board that keeps me at least a little accountable.  I make no promises that I don’t update it in giant waves when I realize I’ve been forgetting for 3 months.
  I thought that today I would share some of the things I’ve tried, and figured “ways to make your house smell nice” was a good place to start.
  Most of these tricks use essential oils (or other scented oils).  That means no purchasing new supplies for me, since I always have perfume and essential oils on hand.  I stopped wearing alcohol based perfumes when I discovered Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (incredible perfume, be warned some of their artwork is somewhat NSFW) and I keep essential oils on hand for their health and beauty uses (as well as the fact they smell wonderful).
  If you’re buying essential oils for the first time, be aware that with high quality oils, each will cost a different amount.  Certain herbs and plants are harder to get large quantities of oil from, or take longer to grow than others.  Eucalyptus and peppermint plants are fairly easy to grow quickly in large quantities, so those essential oils are cheap.  Rose essential oil on the other hand is not.  That being said, even if an essential oil is somewhat expensive, keep in mind that it will go a long way.  None of these ideas use more than a tsp of oil, so you should be able to get several batches of room spray (the most oil heavy idea) out of one small bottle of essential oil.
  To make my own room spray I used the information I found through this pin.  I actually used a perfume oil instead of essential oils and it worked perfectly well.  I use this spray when I’m making beds.  After I lay down the sheets, I mist this over it and it cuts down on the static when I put the blankets on top.  Plus, when you spray this in a guest bedroom the day or so before guests arrive it gives your sheets a subtle, floral scent.  Win win!
  The next idea I tried using essential oils was this pin for putting a few drops inside your toilet paper roll.  The idea is that every time you use the toilet paper it will release the scent of the essential oil into the air.  What I found was that this made my bathroom (and the room just outside of it) smell wonderful for the first day.  After that, the scent was incredibly faint, and while you could maybe pick it up faintly while you were actually grabbing the toilet paper, it most certainly wasn’t a “room freshening burst”.  This would be a great way to make sure your bathroom smells good for a party, but other than that, eh, I’m not sure I’d bother.  We’ll call this a quasi-win.
  The final scent related pin I tried out was this one.  “Makes your house smell like Williams Sonoma!” it says.  “Yeah okay…” I thought.  I can’t say I’d noticed the smell of Williams Sonoma, but then, I’m a non-cooking heathen, so maybe I’d just blocked out the joy of their store’s scent like I’ve clearly blocked the joy that a good pan can bring.  Whatever the case, I figured it was worth a try.
  Before I say what I thought about this, I want to preface it by saying I may have jacked it up myself.  The pin calls for a sliced up lemon.  I used a sliced up lemon, but my lemon was pretty old and dried up and decrepit looking.  Maybe a young, healthy, non-geriatric lemon would smell better, but I wasn’t about to let my still technically a lemon perfectly good lemon go to waste.
  I was not a fan.  It didn’t smell bad per say, just not what I would consider good either.  There was a kind of warm, funky undertone to the smell that I just couldn’t get past.  We’re going to call this pin a fail, but I did discover that I love the smell of just plain ol’ fresh herbs being simmered on the stove top…so perhaps it can be written off as a learning experience.
  Have you tried any “make your home smell great” pins on Pinterest?  Have any of them worked for you?  I’d love to hear!

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