Wooden stacking blocks

  Today I’m taking a break from showing you guys what I’ve been doing to do a little bit of bragging about something my Mr. has been working on.
  Check out these beauties. 
  G has gotten really into building things (and knocking them down) lately, and while I’m still on my “get rid of stuff” kick, I’d much rather have a set of simple, organic looking blocks kicking around than the technicolor plastic nonsense that comes from the store.
  Before G was born, we’d gotten a set of wooden blocks much like these from Etsy as a gift.  G loved them, I loved that they’re natural and not horrendously garish, and everybody was happy.  Okay, almost everybody was happy.
  My Mr. decided we didn’t have enough blocks for proper building, nor were there big enough blocks.  The ones we had were about 1″ cubed.  So he took it upon himself to make G a set of 3″ blocks and a set of 2.5″.  I wish I could walk you through the process, but they’re a project he’s still perfecting.  We’re currently testing to see how well mineral oil works for conditioning the wood, but they’re all so pretty!
  For those who are curious, the blocks in back (the bigger ones) are fir and the ones in front are ash from a tree we helped our neighbors to cut down.  If you have any other questions, let me know and I’ll see if I can wheedle the secrets outta my man!

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