Spring cleaning, “oops, I missed that” edition

  Last week we talked about getting our windows cleaned so we could throw them open and let the fresh spring air in.  This week, I’m going to horrify you by showing you the parts of my house I shamefully ignore during the winter.

  Now, I don’t want you guys to think my house is a horribly un-sanitary pigsty,  but with a curious toddler who usually is smeared in peanut butter, running full tilt from room to room, there is only so much housekeeping I can do if I want to still sleep at night.  So without further ado, here are a few “hot spots” I tend to let slide:
Light switches
  Before you run screaming, I did mess with this picture in photoshop to emphasize the dirt on this switch.  And this is a really old switch plate, so some of that is tarnish and what not, but remember those peanut butter covered fingers I was talking about earlier?  G loves helping turn the lights on and off.  There are an AWFUL lot of smudgy fingerprints on all my switch plates.
  These don’t take a whole lot of work to clean, but I can guarantee you’ll feel a lot better once you’ve scrubbed them all down.  You may even find yourself looking at other things that get touched a lot but not looked at closely (door handles and cabinet knobs) too!
Out of season clutter
  This year we haven’t had a whole lot of a transition between the cold weather and the warm.  With temperatures moving straight from freezing to the 80s around here it seems like we shot straight from winter coats to tank tops.  Usually it’s a little more gradual transition, but either way, spring in Michigan is never predictable.  That means it can be hard to convince yourself to put away your winter coats, gloves, hats and scarves long after you won’t need them.
  My Mr. thinks it’s a weird comparison, but I see messes as kind of like flocks of pigeons.  Your space is cleared and clean, and you think to yourself, I’ll just set/hang/drop this here for a few minutes and take care of it later.  Next thing you know you’ve set another item down, then two, then three.  You stop noticing when another item gets added, until one day, oh hell, you have an entire flock of pigeons/bottles/coats in your way, glaring at you like, “I’m a pigeon, coo, whaddya gonna do about it?”
Don’t let your winter gear turn into pigeons.
Put it away.  I swear to god you can take it back out if it gets that cold again.
  Curtains are another great thing to hit during a spring cleaning frenzy, especially if you have dust allergies like I do.  Pull them down, throw them in the washer* with water as hot as you can get it and get the dust out of them before the spring breeze blows it all off your curtains and into your face.
* Make sure you check that your curtains and throws are washable before you do this of course.  If not, throw them over a line or a railing outside and beat them down with a stick to shake the dust out.
  Wash your blankets too.  Blankets on beds usually get taken care of, but when is the last time your couch throw* went through the laundry?  Since the last bout of runny noses came through your house?  Uh HUH, mine either.  In the wash they go.
Dead parts of houseplants
  Houseplants are wonderful things.  They help improve the quality of air in your home, they add moisture in the dry months and they bring a touch of life and warmth inside.  Thing is though, because they are alive, they tend to do messy things like flowering…and then having those flowers die.  If dead parts of your plant have fallen off and onto the area around, they’re really causing a mess, but even if the dead part is still connected to the plant, it is visually junking up your house.  Trim off the dead parts.  Even houseplants deserve a fresh spring look.
  These are some of the less obvious things I do as part of my spring cleaning.  What are you cleaning this week?

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