Torturers could learn a thing or two from 2 year olds

  G is officially in the terrible twos.  We have morning battles about which glass he’s going to drink his milk out of (obviously it should be in any glass but the one it’s in…asking before I pour does NOT help), afternoon battles about him taking his nap and evening battles about dinner, bath time, who is going to read him his story and which pair of pjs he’s going to wear.  He screams when I leave and he screams when I stay.  There just isn’t any winning with this kid lately.

  And he’s not the only one.
  I hosted Mom’s group here yesterday and we had a pack of two year olds.  I think the first thing each of us moms said as we greeted each other was “sorry, we’ve been having a morning…”.  At one point there were at least 3 two year olds simultaneously screaming “No!  Mine!”.
  We’re all exhausted.  It’s emotionally taxing when you never know if your child is going to behave like this:
or this:
  …especially because whoa buddy does that second picture not capture the levels of pissed off that come with the down-swings (I wouldn’t put my camera at risk by trying to take a picture of a full on rager).
  I know, I know…all the moms out there who have made it through having a 2 year old are laughing and shaking their heads a little…what did we expect, right?
  Obviously that our kids were gonna be different.  Silly us.
  I’m sure I’ll survive.  As far as I know, no one has died of frustration with a toddler.  But it does make me feel a bit like I’m walking around in a state of shock most of the day.  I never know if offering to take him to the park is going to set off another anger landmine…if trying to give him lunch will be tantamount to amputating his arm.
  Which is all to say; fellow mothers of two year olds, I’m in the trenches with you.  Duck and cover, they’re headed this way!

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