Build your own trellis

  The weather this past weekend was absolutely beautiful here in Michigan, so the Mr. and I got out in the yard and did a whole bunch of work while G was sleeping.  I finished cleaning out the new garden I created on the east side of the garage and my Mr. made an extension to the trellis we’d created last year.  Our clematis has just gone crazy and so after only a year’s growth, it was already to the top of our garage.  We decided it was time to make something to encourage it to grow sideways above the door instead of making a break for the roof.

  I had promised in my first spring post that I would try and post the design specifications for you guys in case you wanted to replicate this trellis for yourself, and having had them out to work on the new trellis, I thought now would be the perfect time!
  Our house is close to 100 years old and has a wonderful amount of character.  We’re fairly certain that our garage (the building the trellises are attached to) was originally a carriage house.  Over the years there have been additions and modifications to the house, but it still retains fairly strong Arts and Crafts influences.  I wanted to reflect that in the trellis I designed.
  Each of the grid squares in the above diagram represents 2″.  That means that the crossbeams that don’t hang over the edges are 12″ long and the ones that do hang over are 16″.  I (of course) scaled this to fit my garage, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to change the size to fit a different building.  We secured the trellis itself together using nails and then attached it to the garage using screws.  We placed small blocks of wood between the building and the trellis to give the plant room to climb around it.
  Please note that clematis is a fairly harmless climbing vine, but not all vines are!  Some vines (like ivy) can destroy structures they climb on, so be careful what you grow on your trellises!
  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me.  I’d be happy to clarify anything that is unclear.

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