Washing my face with oil, because I’m breaking out like a teenager

  I am nearly 30 years old.  There is absolutely no reason at this point in my life I should have acne like a 13 year old going through puberty.  And yet, in the last half year or so my skin has gone entirely batty on me.

  I’ve had enough.

  Back in 2006, before my wedding, I started using the oil cleansing method.  I cleaned with an olive oil/castor oil mix and moisturized with rose hip oil.  I didn’t wear makeup most days and frankly, I didn’t really need to.  The breakouts had cleared up and my face just glowed.  My skin was gorgeous.
The day after the wedding.  Not a breakout in sight.
  Once we got back from the honeymoon though, things got busy.  The Mr. got a new job so we sold the house and moved to our apartment.  I got a job…and then changed jobs and somewhere in the process I stopped using the oils.
  Cue the skin problems.
  And then I was pregnant…and now two years post-G the skin problems are even worse and even more numerous.
  So I’m starting oil cleansing again, and with the popularity of my make your own shampoo posts, I thought you guys might want to try it yourselves.
  Here’s what you need:
Extra virgin olive oil (try to find one that only lists one country of origin)
Castor oil
Hot water
Lots of washcloths (they get stinky fast so you’ll want a new one every night or two)
  Make yourself a mix of olive oil and castor oil.  Since my skin is more or less “normal” I do a half and half mixture.  If you have oily skin or especially dry skin you’ll want to change the ratios a little. For the details on that I’m going to send you over to Crunchy Betty who is a bit more of an expert on this whole thing. 
  Start without any water.  If your water takes a while to heat up or you don’t want to smear olive oil on your faucets, feel free to turn it on, but we aren’t going to use it for a while.  Pour about a half dollar sized amount of your oil mixture into the palm of your hand.  Don’t worry about removing any makeup you might have on before you start.  This method takes makeup off better than anything else I’ve tried.
  Smear the oil on your face and rub around.  This is an awesome time to give yourself a facial massage as the more you rub the oil around the better it will clean things out.  Once your face is good and slathered in oil, soak your washcloth in water as hot as you can stand it.  Place the washcloth over your face and leave for as long as you’ve got time for (or until it cools off).  Use the washcloth to wipe the oil off your face, rinsing it out as you go.
  That’s it.  You’re done!  Put on whatever moisturizer you want and go to bed.
  The first time I used this method I was a little more extensive.  I washed with oil morning and night.  I used a rose water based astringent and I used oils for moisturizing.  The problem is, that’s not very time friendly.  It worked at the time, I could wait for the oil to soak in so I could do my makeup if need be.  I didn’t have G, I didn’t have a job and all my friends lived at least an hour away.  I had nothing but time in 2006.
  Now I have an impatient toddler, a busy schedule and another 5 years on my face.  I’m going to oil clean in the evenings, use my scientifically-formulated miracle creams (ha, right…) for my moisturizers and stick with a splash of water and my sunscreen-added lotions in the morning.
  I’ll try to remember to update you guys on how it’s going in a month or so, but if I forget, poke me on the Facebook page.  In the meanwhile, try it out yourself.  See how it works for you.  All you’ve got to lose is skin problems and another store-bought product.

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