Curried peanut butter

  When I was pregnant with G my Mr and I discovered flavored peanut butters at a local spice shop.  I hadn’t been putting on as much weight as the doctor wanted, so we were looking for healthy ways to add fat to my diet.  Chocolate peanut butter is pretty hard to beat, but we found a curried peanut butter that was a pretty close second.
  I ate a lot of curried peanut butter.  I suspect it may be a part of why G is such a curry fiend.  Now that we’ve moved out of town and I’m no longer pregnant, it hasn’t seemed to be worth the hassle to drive back to that spice store for just a jar of fancy peanut butter.  Parking is a pain, trying to find the time to make the trip is annoying and frankly, it was a little pricey to be worth it.
  But the other day, I found myself craving curried peanut butter toast.  So I made my own.
  To create your own, here’s what you need:
~1.5 cups creamy peanut butter
1 Tbsp-4 tsp curry powder
  In a small bowl, slowly stir your curry powder into your peanut butter.  I added about a tsp at a time.  If you add too much at once it can be difficult to mix into your peanut butter and will poof up into your face…on your counter…no good.
  Once your peanut butter is thoroughly mixed, scoop it into an empty jar and store.  I used an emptied jelly jar.
  If you share this peanut butter with a little one (and I suggest you do, G loves this) watch them like a hawk and have a napkin on hand.  The turmeric in curry powder will stain anything it comes in contact with bright, bright yellow.
  This peanut butter is great on toast, with veggies or as a spread for cooking with.  I don’t think I’d suggest it for putting on a pb & j, but perhaps if you found just the right jelly it would be good.
  Try it out.  Peanut butter isn’t that expensive, live a little, try something new!

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